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Liberals believe that seniors matter. Seniors’ issues are Canadians’ issues: concerns about health care, accessibility, and economic security matter to us all, but have special resonance for seniors.  On this page, our members share some ideas and links on the theme of seniors’ issues. As you read them, please remember that they’re here to stimulate debate. We think you should read them, but we don’t endorse everything we link to.
Includes information on long-term care homes, financial planning, and general articles on retirement issues in Ontario.

Meet Brian, your robot care provider
Brian is a socially interactive robot, a prototype in development at U of T. This machine may one day assist the elderly in long-term care facilities by interacting with residents, playing games and reminding those with cognitive impairments to do daily tasks, such as brushing their teeth.

Family Services Toronto Seniors and Caregivers Support Services Unit
Provides resources for seniors and caregivers

Information for Seniors in Burlington
Lists resources such as the Burlington Seniors’ Centre and Halton Region’s services for seniors.