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Tackling inequality

Liberals stand for equality of opportunity. We’re working to build a fair society: one that rewards entrepreneurship and hard work, but where nobody is left behind. The Harper years have been tough times for the most vulnerable in our society. On this page, our members share some ideas and links on the theme of tackling poverty. As you read them, please remember that they’re here to stimulate debate. We think you should read them, but we don’t endorse everything we link to.

Richard Wolff on Fighting for Economic Justice and Fair Wages
Richard Wolff joins Bill to discuss the disaster left behind in capitalism’s wake, and the fight for economic justice, including a fair minimum wage.

Half of Toronto-area workers have fallen into ‘precarious employment’: study
From the Globe and Mail. In just a few short decades Canada’s labour market has changed dramatically. The widely held belief that employment leads to economic security and social well-being has become out-of-step with an increasing number of people in today’s work force.

It’s More than Poverty: Employment Precarity and Household Well-being
Read the full report released by McMaster University and United Way Toronto.