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The Burlington Federal Liberal Association needs volunteers to fill various roles in the riding projects and programs which we are organizing now.

If you think you can help on an ongoing basis either part time or full time to make sure we are getting the needs  of our riding communicated to the party and the government of Canada please call us at (905) 637-8909 or contact us.

Roles requiring volunteers:

  1. Area managers (report to the executive on the opinions, needs and problems of various areas within the riding).
  2. People to answer phones part-time during the week.
  3. Office jobs and other jobs.
  4. Assistance with event organisation.
  5. Volunteers to contact the Liberal members in the riding to advise them and/or to get their opinion on a one-on-one basis.
  6. Scrutineers and election officers at election time.

Volunteering is rewarding, fun and great experience for people of all ages. By joining you can make a difference shaping the party’s future, and building a better Canada. Make your voice heard!